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Trek Madone 6.5 WSD


... what a joy it is to have an ultralight bicycle. Super easy to pedal and carry. Mine is a 2010 Trek Madone 6.5 with several upgraded components. It weighs about 15 pounds. Not only does the light weight make the bike easy to ride and maneuver but also easy for my old bones to transport. I can still pick it up with two fingers - very significant. As the trend toward light gear continues, ultralight bikes also hold their resale value rather well, comparatively speaking. Anyway, for your riding (and/or racing) pleasure, I suggest exploring ultralight bikes, whether carbon, aluminum or whatever. Listed below are several online sources for ultralight bikes.

Where to Purchase Ultralight Bikes:

  •  REI Ultralight BicyclesREI Ultralight Bicycles
  •  Ultralight Bikes at Bob's BicyclesUltralight Bikes at Bob's Bicycles
  •  Ultralight Bikes at Competitive CyclistUltralight Bikes at Competitive Cyclist
  •  Lightweight Bicycle @ Amazon.com
  •  Lightweight Bikes @ Commuter Bike Store

    Trek Ride+ Electric-Assist Bike



    Trek Ride+ WSD Electric-Assist Bike


    If you need to frequently navigate hills on your bike, then this electric-assist bike will make your ride a lot easier. We live in a town situated on hills and just a simple trip down to the grocery is quite a chore, especially on the way back (uphill) with a load of groceries. The electric assist option makes it so easy.

    The bike photos above are of my Trek Ride+ and secondly, my wife's Trek Ride+ WSD. One of many features that we like is the ability to ride like it was a normal bike (which it is) without the electric assist option. In fact, based on the specs (e.g., carbon forks) the bikes we have are really just the Trek FX 7.4 or thereabouts, with the electric motor added. The video below will provide added details on how it works.

    Ride+ Trek Electric Assist Bicycle Bike Video

    Where to Purchase Electric-Assist Bikes:

  •  REI Electric-Assist BikesREI Electric-Assist Bikes
  •  Electric-Assist Bikes at Bob's BicyclesElectric-Assist Bikes at Bob's Bicycles
  •  Electric-Assist Bikes at Competitive CyclistElectric-Assist Bikes at Competitive Cyclist
  •  Electric Bicycle @ Amazon.com
  •  Electric-Assist Bikes at Performance Bike

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