How to Wash Your Bike

How to Wash Your Bike

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Clean bicycles not only look better, but they work better and even go faster, or at least they look that way. Here are some tips on proper bike-washing techniques.


  1. Find a way to stand your bike up, a repair stand, a kick-stand, propped up by a tree or rocks. Whatever keeps it still and in an upright position.
  2. Chip major mud clumps off of your bike. If the clumps are bigger than a ping-pong ball, they should probably be manually removed. This makes the washing easier for you and your bike.
  3. Give it a light spray with water to remove all the excess dirt and grime.
  4. If desired, now would be the time to focus on the chain and areas around the chain, if you are going to clean these thoroughly use a brush dipped in plain water. You can easily skip this part if you don't feel comfortable messing with your chain or if you don't have any lube to put on afterwards.
  5. Using a sponge, wash the frame of the bike with soapy water. Spray lightly with water and repeat if necessary.
  6. Use a sponge for the wheels as well, you can prop them up over the bucket so all of the wheel becomes clean.
  7. Rinse everything lightly.
  8. Dry the bike using two different rags/towels, one for the frame and other clean parts, and a separate one you don't mind getting oily to pat the chain dry. Use the second towel to clean around the wheels and brake pads where rubber deposits may have developed.
  9. Add any chemicals you want to the bike (ex: lube)



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