How to Pace Yourself While Biking

How to Pace Yourself While Biking

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Being a slow biker is nothing to be ashamed of. Read this article, and it should help you to become a better one.


  1. Pace yourself and take full advantage of flat and downhill moments; this is when you can just coast or pedal lightly and regain some energy. Also, pedal a little harder at the end of the hill to increase your momentum as you move to the level or uphill.
  2. When going up hills, switch to a lower gear so that you don't have to work as hard. Sometimes it may actually be better to use a higher gear if you can to get to the top of the hill faster. Decide which way you like better.
  3. Always take full advantage when you take breaks. Take a drink, sit down, or just lie down and close your eyes.



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