How to Fix a Broken Bicycle Chain

How to Fix a Broken Bicycle Chain

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Fixing a broken bicycle chain is pretty easy. If you buy a chain tool, you will find that this is all you need and such a tool will work with every type of chain.


  1. Push the pin out by screwing the pin of your chain tool in just before the pin comes out. Be very careful to not push the pin all the way out, as it is extremely difficult to get back in.

  2. Snap the two pieces apart.

  3. Click the two links back in place with the pin facing you. This will make things a lot easier in step 4.

  4. Hold the pin facing you (which is a lot easier), and push it back into both links until it comes out evenly on both sides.

  5. Grab the chain on each side of your newly connected links and move it from side to side to loosen up the new connection. It also helps to move the chain tool to the other side of the joint just made, and push the pin very slightly to free the two outside plates of the link from the central section.



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